Wednesday, January 13

Despite Because

You think you are not beautiful because of all the darkness inside you
You hide it from me for fear I might not love you
if I get to know you for who you are
although you are not sure whether you want to be loved yet
-- It might just complicate matters more --
What you do not know
is that I have seen your darkness
your gruesome sadness
lurking behind that beautiful smile
What you do not know is that it's your pain I fell in love with
Invisible tendrils connected through to my insides
in the fury of your embrace
in the thrust of your kiss
And I could feel your blackness
your need to be loved
by anyone, anyhow, anywhere
your need to get lost in worldly pleasure
with no regrets, though regret is all that follows.
Let me love you for a while
even if I may not be the one you want to be loved by
even if I only remind you of a long lost memory
of what love used to feel like.

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