Thursday, December 24

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I haven't written you a letter since childhood, when I scribbled it awkwardly on a piece of paper and entrusted my mom with it. I know better now. Moms don't believe in you. She never did send that letter, did she?

I haven't asked for anything in a long time, but you never forgot me. You brought me a piece of holiday cheer wherever I was, even in places with no holiday and no cheer. Thanks.

This year, I would like to ask for one thing. ("Phew!" you say, wiping your brow. You thought I'd make a long list, didn't you? Don't get too happy yet.) It's a pretty difficult task, I know, cause it's not something that the elves can manufacture. And I'm not even sure if this falls under your umbrella, but if you can't do it, maybe you'll put in a good word with whoever can.

It's about that person I care so deeply about -- you know. He really needs you this year. Maybe you can help him get well and bring a smile on his face. He
deserves it -- but who am I talking to? You already know.

That is all.
Thank you and ... Merry Christmas!
Fractal art by Marije Berting

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