Thursday, March 10


I keep telling myself I can get over you. I did it before. But, I mean, did I really? Then why is it that it took me not months, not weeks, but minutes to fall so hard so deep again? To trust you when I trust no one? Is it that the universe is trying to tell me something, or is it something I'm telling myself? Was I lying to myself then, or am I lying now? Why am I still in the same place, again in the same place, when staying still suffocates me? And what the hell am I doing?
Should I still be patient when I know this is a dead end? Should I turn my back on myself again and try to follow a new road? Should I wait and hope for the impossible to happen? And do I really have a choice?
Why do you keep the answers in your eyes? Why is the quiet of my mind in your arms? How can I call you mine when you have never been and never will be? Why do I settle for only bits and pieces when I want you whole? And do I? And if so, for how long?
When is this gonna end? Will it be tomorrow, next week, or 7 years from now? And did it ever begin? Or will it ever?
Why do I question myself so much? Should I just let go, give in, and see what comes of it? Am I not asking the right questions? Do they even have answers?
Oh, believe me, I do.
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