Sunday, November 29


Forgive me for not being close enough to hug your soul.
Forgive me for not being there to kiss your fears away.
Forgive me for not being your all.

Forgive the words that I have said and those I have not spoken yet, the thoughts that flood my mind and fears that drown my soul. Forgive the rush of my arms when hugging you, the haste with which I write you back, the loss for words when in your presence. Forgive me for rereading your lines, for trusting you, for thinking I understand what you go through, for fearing for you. Forgive me for wanting more and for not being able to forget, for sometimes going mad without you, for having no regrets. Forgive my wanting to share everything with you, the asking of questions you cannot answer to. Forgive me for dreaming so high and getting lost in a fantasy world; forgive my believing that dreams can come true.

I will not ask forgiveness for loving you.

Digital art by Frixin

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