Tuesday, October 11

Train Travel (6)

My ex was bothered by the fact that I would pronounce "ears" and "years" the same. I wonder if this can be considered a reason for divorce.
Stream error.
"Other things are important."
"What other things?"
"Just ... other ones...."
"Other ones or one?"
One. Only one. Bowing to the God of Love.
I was frightfully relaxed this last time I saw you. And became terribly worried at your expression.
Still, I couldn't manage to say goodbye. None of the customary phrases fit. They sounded horrible even in my head.
"I'll call you," you said, and I had to keep myself from bursting into laughter. You haven't called me in seven years.
I miss your booty calls. So much innocence. There is a sort of purity in intimacy, I guess.
We went counterclockwise. Evolved the other way around. First, there was light. The flash. Merciless. And the blue of your eyes.

"Take care," you said. Yeah, that's a good goodbye.

"The flowers smell sweeter the closer you are to the grave."

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